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Audiologist, Speech-Language Pathologist & Learning Specialist

Autism Therapy
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Dr. Keena Seward, Au.D., CCC-A/SLP is an educational audiologist, speech-language pathologist and learning specialist.  She is passionate about helping children reach their full potential.  She provides therapeutic and academic services to children of all ages.  Dr. Seward also offers parent coaching to educate and empower parents to become the primary teacher and therapist for their children.  Dr. Seward holds a doctorate in clinical audiology and a master's degree in speech-language pathology.  Areas of expertise include: language and literacy disorders, early intervention, articulation and phonological disorders, hearing loss, auditory processing disorders, autism, and pragmatic language disorders.  Dr. Seward has worked in a variety of educational and clinical settings.  Additionally, she has presented at national conferences and served as a faculty member and adjunct professor at multiple universities. She holds professional licensure in Maryland and Washington, D.C. and is nationally certified by the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association.

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Guidance to help you support your child's development and progress

Dr. Seward educates, equips, and empowers parents to address their children's needs in the context of their daily interactions.  She works collaboratively with families to implement effective therapeutic strategies that continuously target their children's areas of weakness.

Apply for a strategy session to speak with Dr. Seward and discuss how you and your child can benefit from the Parent Coaching Program.


1-on-1 therapy to address your child's communication and academic needs

An individualized plan of care will be developed to guide speech-language or auditory therapy that targets your child's areas of weakness.  Private academic support sessions are also available.  Services may be provided in the home or through a virtual, HIPAA-compliant teletherapy platform.


Review of evaluation reports, service recommendations, Individualized Education Program (IEP) support

Dr. Seward is available to review and interpret reports from other professionals and advise families regarding services for their children.  She also provides support regarding the special education process.  Additionally, Dr. Seward offers guidance to families regarding private school placements for students with communication and academic needs.

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My son started seeing Dr. Seward a year ago.  We are very pleased with his progress.  She kept us informed and recommended strategies to help him at home.  Dr. Seward is very thorough and makes detailed assessments of his improvement.  We feel that speech therapy has definitely brought him out of his shell.  It has improved his self confidence....... Thank you Dr. Seward for helping our son with his speech.

C.C., Parent

Dr. Keena Seward provided exceptional speech and feeding therapy services to our toddler son.  The caring and compassionate care shown to our son and family made a difference during a time when we were still understanding his diagnosis and the resources needed to support his development.  We began working with Dr. Seward in the summer of 2017, shortly after our son had been diagnosed with an oral sensory condition and delayed speech.  The in-home care provided by Dr. Seward far exceeded our expectations.  Not only were we pleased with her patience and knowledge of techniques that would best support our son's needs, she was very responsive to questions and provided family support resources.  She worked to gain the trust of our son which aided in his responsiveness to the therapy techniques.  We were very impressed with the different methods used to engage our toddler and our family (including extended family) in the therapy session.  Dr. Seward came prepared to every appointment and even kept us on our toes with homework assignments.  She celebrated each of our son's accomplishments with our family and encouraged us along the way when progress may have been slow.  We are very grateful that within two months of care under Dr. Seward's guidance, our son ate his first bite of food.  It was a moment of celebration for our family.   We would also receive feedback from our son's teachers on how well he was communicating verbally.  They were so impressed with his development, that we eventually recommended Dr. Seward as a great resource for a family member of a staff person at the school.  There are no words that can describe the amount of gratitude we have for Dr. Seward's care and support of our son's development.  Today, we have a healthy and happy toddler who can safely process foods and is very effective with his expressive communication skills.   Although he has progressed well, Dr. Seward continues to check in with our family.  She is a talented, compassionate and thorough provider.  We are forever grateful for the opportunity to partner and be guided by such a caring individual.

T.G., Parent

Dr. Keena Seward has been providing speech and language therapy once a week, for less than a year, to our son whom has been diagnosed with ADHD and Mixed Receptive Expressive Language Disorder (MRELD). When we engaged Dr. Seward, our son was severely behind for a soon-to-be 1st grader (at the time). In addition to the hyperactivity and inability to focus, he was having issues understanding exactly what was being said to or requested of him, and identifying numbers and letters on a consistent basis. Because of the work Dr. Seward put in and the stake she took in ensuring our son’s success, he has made significant jumps in getting close to being on-grade-level with his academics. His self-confidence is such that he now takes the initiative to read on-level short story books, has gone from being given a partial spelling word list to spelling the entire list. He is more confident in expressing himself and engaging in learning activities.

Dr. Seward brings a long list of tools and educational aids to not only assist in the development of our son, but to aid in the development of us as parents with understanding the needs of our son. If you are looking for a Speech and Language Pathologist for your child/children, we would highly recommend Dr. Seward.

Mr. and Mrs. M, Parents

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Dr. Seward featured on "Outside the Classroom" on ABC7 in Washington, D.C.

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Virtual speech-language therapy and academic support services available throughout Maryland and Washington, D.C. via a HIPAA-compliant teletherapy platform.

In-home speech-language and academic services are available throughout the Baltimore-Washington metro area, including parts of Prince Georges' County, Howard County, Montgomery County, and Anne Arundel County.  A partial listing of communities we serve is: Laurel, Bowie, Upper Marlboro, Largo, Calverton, Beltsville, Silver Spring, Columbia, Greenbelt.

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